A Treacherous Climb

If you look closely at the SoulFire header photo of Benbulben you might make out a few very small white specks. Those are sheep. And, as Irish sheep seem to be part goat, they are the only ones who climb the face of Benbulben to the rock cliffs. The two thousand plus people who will ascend the mountain in May will take a more gentle approach up through the Serenity Ben Bulben blogshotlandscape in the right of this photo, one I took last summer from our Sligo area B&B. Still, any climb is considered treacherous as the mountain is limestone and riddled with deep holes hidden by a cover of heather. Clouds can descend suddenly obscuring all visibility. Anyone making the climb is strongly advised to take a compass and survival gear…and a friend.

Spend time with Benbulben and you can get lost in the mists, weather having nothing to do with it. A mystical place. There are stories to share…and I will.