No Whit Less Real

…even in a technological age such as ours much survives of belief in a different way of looking at life. It is a view that sees events as having a logic that is not scientific or mathematical, that sees a world undetected by the strongest microscope; a world, in short, parallel-world-time-travelthat is parallel to ours, but no whit less real for being invisible to us, a world that crosses ours only in certain times and places and through the intermediacy of certain people – such as Biddy Early.

Although Eddie Lenihan made specific reference to Biddy in this insight from his book, In Search of Biddy Early, he could have as easily cited St. Brigit. For these two remarkable women join a long list of spiritual intermediaries from Ireland’s past…and present. In this land of mystics and ancient monuments, poets and prophets, gods and goddesses the veils have always been thin, the relationship between parallel worlds has always been intimate and powerful.