Seeing Is Believing

As an adolescent I thirsted for a meaningful vision of human life – so I became a scientist. This is like becoming an archbishop to meet girls.     Matt Cartmill, Anthropologist

Scientists, with few notable exceptions such as Albert Einstein, tell us that if we can’t see, touch, or measure something it’s not real – harshly ridiculing and dismissing the notion of parallel worlds and spiritual realms. They’ve been telling us this for so long that culturally we’ve come to believe them, the only significant contradiction to this being invisible and unmeasurable God and many science minded people don’t believe in Him/Her either.

Fortunately, in the history of human kind, science is a relatively new voice that has not yet succeeded in talking us out of a deep and rich heritage of relationship with other world realms and alliances. A heritage very much reflected in the stories of St. Brigit and Biddy Early, especially the stories of their mystical healing powers. A heritage of seeing and believing very much present in Ireland today as it has been through history.

While I won’t presume to adequately articulate all the energies healers work with and the realms they work in, they are numerous and widely varied. Some work with Earth energies, some with angelic energies, others with plant spirits just to name a few. All parallel worlds and realms to ours. And those shamans, mystics and healers who work in these realms will tell you that this is work of the senses, that they can absolutely feel and in many cases see spiritual energies and entities. Spiritual guides and presences are often felt and distinguished by their unique vibrational patterns and fields. This is true for mine.

What science would say is not real can be seen and touched. But can it be measured? Well, in fact it can and many years ago I had the opportunity to witness such measuring. For the participating scientists, seeing was believing even if the best they could muster was a reluctant, qualified acknowledgment of that belief.