The Power Of Song

songlinesBy singing the songs in the appropriate sequence, Indigenous people could navigate vast distances, often travelling through the deserts of Australia’s interior.

I’m no expert on the science of sound vibration, but I know absolutely the power of it. The palpable energy of light, love and peace present after a time of Kirtan. The way a singing bowl brings people into the space of one heart. The gracious space that lingers after chanting aum. Being swept into another dimension by listening to Gregorian chants.

Why such impact? It’s in the nature of water and we are mostly water. I had thought up to 98%, but it turns out to be between 70% and 80%. Still it’s a lot of water. And like all water our bodies are susceptible to vibrational influences. Energetic influences can agitate our waters or calm them and bring us into a place of peace. Through the power of vibration we  can join our energy with that of the universal web. Indigenous peoples throughout the world have known this and worked with this knowing. We are aware of the stories that come from the aboriginal peoples of Australia, we may be less aware of the stories that come from Ireland.