Airships? Really?

My brother has followed this blog from the beginning. With an open heart and gracious appreciation for this exploration of Ireland’s spiritual heritage, he has been generally enthusiastic about what I have written. With one very notable exception.

Several posts about the mystical and magical landscape of Benbulben included Benbulben, The Mystery Mountain? in which I mentioned the Tuatha Dé Danann first arriving in Ireland through the mists in airships. Airships? Really? This stretched the limits Airshipsof credibility for my brother. He wondered if I had taken liberties with this language. In fact I had not. While there is not much historical record of this spectacular arrival, all writings that do exist specifically mention airships.

I had to step away from my familiarity with these writings and acknowledge that on first introduction this does seem a fantastical story. Perhaps made only slightly less fantastic through a portrayal of flying viking ships. However the truth of it is the Tuatha Dé, which means divine tribe, were not originally from this planet. Their celestial origins are alluded to in historical texts and recent written works but generally ignored. Yet legends and stories of ancestors with cosmic origins are found throughout the world and many cultures speak of themselves as children of the stars, including several indigenous American peoples. It’s fascinating to me that, with reference to airships so deeply embedded in Irish history, the cosmic beginnings of the Tuatha Dé are just faint whispers through the mists of time.