Traveling Shoes

The weather was generally sunny and warm for my month in Ireland this summer. But the second day it poured. Undaunted we continued with our plans to walk the lanes and stone walled fields of Inish Óirr, the smallest of the Aran Island. But by the time we were standing on the pier for our ferry back to Doolin my shoes were soaked. And they squished for days. I vowed to get dry footwear, water proof this time not water resistant.

I just ordered what I hope will suit the rains and bogs of Ireland travel and have been monitoring their arrival through the FedEx tracking system. Well, whether they prove to be the rain shoes I’m looking for they are certainly traveling shoes. They left Los Angeles and arrived in Kent, 30 miles north of here. They left Kent the next day and headed to Portland Oregon, 200 miles south of here only to return the next morning to DuPont, 20 miles south of here. They left DuPont two days ago at 6:44 am. It’s a half hour drive to our house. Who people-rushingknows where they are. In the scheme of things it’s not a big deal and I have no doubt they will arrive although I do shudder at the carbon footprint these shoes are accumulating and they haven’t even flown to Ireland yet.

Reflecting on the notion of hurrying this just strikes me as so metaphoric. Rushing around as we do. Totally bypassing the destination as we do. Following some grand plan or schedule that may or may not make sense. But we zoom along….