First You Must Dance

There are many arguments on both sides of Scottish independence. In an hour-long video interview speaker, author, and visionary Hugh Gilbert argues for the reclamation of sword danceScottish heritage. Especially the mystical spiritual traditions and divine feminine roots. There is much rich history shared in the video. Including the origins of the sword dance.

I always had the picture of young women dancing the swords. But in fact, according to Gilbert, it was only the men, only the warriors, and only in bare feet that the swords were danced. Some say they were danced only on the eve of battle, but when is less significant than why.

Dancing was a demonstration of a warrior’s alignment with the divine harmony. He had to be in sacred balance before he could pick up the sword at the end of the dance. He had to be in right relationship with the sacred before he could go into battle. On the eve of Scotland’s referendum for independence, may they find such balance and harmony.

And thank you Helen for sharing the Hugh Gilbert video with me.