To embody the transcendent is why we are here.      Sogyal Rinpoche

When we search for deeper meaning in our lives we are called to awaken. To our Buddha nature, to Christ consciousness, to the Light of our sacred selves, to the global wisdom of indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions. Author of two significant books on the Boyne Valley sacred sites and landscapes, Anthony Murphy is passionate about an Irish awakening to the Tuatha Dé, Ireland’s indigenous spiritual ancestors – and an enthusiastic advocate of my book, A Legacy of Wisdom, which explores the power and possibility of this ancient wisdom.

An awakening with and through the spiritual energies and heritage of Ireland. While Anthony, I, and others are becoming zealous about this we haven’t heard much about an Irish awakening in the global conversation. So I was both delighted and surprised to receive a blog link with extensive writing about this. From Hawaii.

BallynoeKau’ila Pele is a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet and on a mission to assist humanity’s awakening. “You know in your souls that this work is essential. Good people are coming together, sharing knowledge and expertise, thus preparing the way for the light.” Pele says this work must be in collaboration with Gaia, the Earth, and the energies she holds. And this is where Ireland comes in. The power of the landscape and the the energy of sacred places are key to this awakening and “Ireland has the densest concentration of sacred sites.”  Pele concludes that only “when the Irish people awaken and realise who they are” will this work of the Light be successful.

To experience this powerful energy is why I lead sacred journeys to Ireland every year. It’s never been about seeing stone circles. It’s always been about awakening.