Earth Dream

Microsoft Word - Earth Dream.docxAs we journey through this season of lengthening nights we travel confident that there is a light to be found in this darkness. We know there will be a returning of the sun. Yet the more important light to be found in this hidden night is the light we hold within us. The light of our divine nature.

Each year as the Earth journeys through her seasons she comes once again to this time of reminding us that new life begins in the womb of darkness. Each night at sundown our Irish ancestors marked the beginning of the new day. In this time of darkness, on Samhain (Halloween), they celebrated the beginning of the new year.

The darkness of this season offers hospitality to our journey of awakening. As we move from the stormy outer world to gather around the hearth fire, so do we step away from the storms of our lives to give quiet sanctuary to our inner life and light. We dream the dream, we vision a new story, and we incarnate the beauty, power, and potential of who we are as sacred people. This is the dream of the Earth