It Doesn’t Line Up

In our journey through life we measure so much of it in straight lines. The days on our calendars stacked in neat rows. The charts and graphs of progress displayed in horizontal and vertical grids. But it wasn’t always this way.

The ancient Irish consciousness was never drawn to a straight line. It avoided ways of seeing and being that seek satisfaction in certainty and instead embraced the mystery of the circle. These ancestors viewed their movement through each day, each year, and each season as a cyclic journey. There were no absolutes of beginning and endCarrowkeel cairn. They lived in circular houses and they worshipped in circular structures, understanding the power of circle to hold and move energy. Ireland’s landscape is filled with the remnants of stone circles, ring forts, and cairn temples that still resonate this powerful energy. When we gather in one of these sites there is an ancient circle that closes around us and an ancient belonging that awakens and holds us as we enter the mystery of sacred encounter.

It is a soul connection that cannot be charted or graphed or stacked in neat rows. It is an ancient knowing that just doesn’t line up.