Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Standing in the entrance to the magnificent main cairn at Loughcrew looking at the carvings on the stones of this ancient megalith dated to 3500 BC. The guide was pointing out some of the carvings and noted that on one of the stones was a graphic depiction of Jeremiah’s journey.

Jeremiah, also known as the weeping prophet, was born in 655 BC. Just a few years after this site was created. The guide didn’t have an answer to this discrepancy of dates…just saying that visitors had told her as much.

And this actually gets to the heart of a pilgrimage to these places, or indeed a journey through life. I witness people encountering the mystery of these megaliths, for indeed there is much mystery and more questions than answers, and rush to interpretation based on their own and very limited understanding. It seems we need answers and are ready to create them out of thin air if necessary. Opening to the mystery can be daunting for those who prefer absolutes. Yet opening to the mystery is where the magic imagehappens. In Ireland and in life.

I witness some who journey with me search desperately for absolutes. Much like the early Christians they need a story that fits their world view. For me the carvings at Loughcrew hold the mystery. For me Jeremiah will remain a bullfrog.

Judith –

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  1. Love that acceptance of the mystery. Altho, I find it difficult. I WANT absolute, you-are-here “Truths”… letting go

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