Irish Soul Food

She was and still is beautiful. I had no idea who she was but when I found her photo I wanted to include it in my Sacred Ireland brochure. Imagine my surprise when two months ago I got an email from her.

Turns out she’s a friend of the woman who is leading a sacred site workshop for our Sacred Ireland tour and she wondered if we might have dinner when we were in the area. It also turns out that Yvonne, who has been playing professionally since she was eight years old, has quite the reputation and following in County Clare, the heart of traditional music in Ireland.

imageWhen we met for dinner we arrived at exactly the same time and it was like we had known each other before…she wondered if perhaps a past life. My fellow travelers and I had planned to have dinner with Yvonne and then wander down to one of the pubs for some trad music. That would not be necessary. After two hours of delightful and spirit filled conversation Yvonne went to her car, collected her fiddle, and returned to play for us at our table. The first piece she played was Women of Ireland, a soul filled tune and one of my favorites. It brought me to tears. It was a feast for the soul…indeed Irish soul music.

We made plans to meet again while I am here and to explore the possibility of her playing for our Sacred Ireland tours at some of the sacred sites.

Judith –

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  1. Can you imagine!?!?! SO Judith, SO mystical, SO true! Metta, S

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    • Well my brother I am clearly thinking of you and hoping/knowing that one day you will be with us to play your magic in these sacred sites and landscapes. Much love!

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