Help Yourselves To The Poison

I had my imaging done at the CM Breast Center. And indeed it was a great gathering of breasts. There we were stripped from the waist up and all dressed in matching white waffle-cotton robes. As the very gracious and hospitable staff ushered us through the proceedures from one small waiting area to the next, they would gesture to a small bevergage table and tell us to help ourselves to the poison.

There are so many ideas and opinions about cancer and its treatment, especially when one ventures outside the contemporary protocols. And they differ widely.  However there are a few commonly shared opinions and one is that sugar is to be absolutely, strictly, and permanently eliminated from the diet. Cancer cells grow with reckless abandon in certain conditions and sugar is one of them. Yet is seems rare for an oncolgist and others to advise cancer patients to avoid sugar. It’s not that they don’t know.

I appreciate that in medical school doctors get little information on nutrition – I’ve read as little as fifteen minutes but more generally only an hour or two. With limited time there is perhaps little opportunity to explore the negative aspects of sugar. But doctors are aware that the CT scan imaging dye is mixed with sucrose prior to injection because the cancer cells will grab onto the sugar and in doing so reveal their location in the body. Yet sweet treats continue to be offered in medical offices.

Actually what the CM Breast Center staff said was, “Help yourselves to the hot chocolate.”  What I heard was help yourselves to the poison.image

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  1. Spooky! Good post and scary! My friend Crista is having surgery in Tuesday. I’m surprised at the speed with which she and her doctors are moving, but …. I did give her your info last week, and that’s what I can do. I know your trip will be a healing one! So glad we are on each other’s radar! With loving kindness, S

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  2. Judith, I’m just catching up on your posts… backwards.. Looks like you are having one of those life experiences.. and still planning one or more trips to Ireland.
    Peace be with you. I will be watching and reading..
    Train Ryder

    • TrainRyder,
      Hello! And thank you for letting me know who you are. Delightful…and I have wandered your site a bit. Lovely. Yes..this has been an experience. Yet am still doing three trips to Ireland this year and, as you probably have sussed out by now, am now in Ireland for a month. Feeling strong and being here is such an amazing part of this healing journey. Delighted to be connected. Beannacht, Judith

  3. Luckily there are some medical professionals who are a’changing their methods… a few.. I had a sugar overdose yesterday because I couldn’t bring myself to throw something away. NOT good.

    • Yes, there are a few medical professionals out there with minds and hearts open. I was so blessed to find a couple. And would not be on this healing journey…or in Ireland if not for them. We were amazed at how much we had to through out from our kitchen. We thought our diet was fairly good. But wow, sugar is in so many foods. And indeed, NOT good. Beannacht, Judith.

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