Lose the Feather. And Fly.

Ah, those crows. They convinced Dumbo and his friend Timothy Mouse that flight is only possible with a magic feather. One of their feathers. And, even though Dumbo is perfectly the feathercapable of flying on his own, he believes their story.

This tale comes to mind as my community is locked in a battle with those who would build the world’s largest methanol plant on our waterfront. Yet again, the crows and cronies of big business are wanting us to believe that we can only fly with their magic feather. And this feather is jobs. A feather they wave around to justify any commercial or industrial development – regardless of the social or environmental impact. And we believe them.

My Irish ancestors, and I would argue ancestors from any culture, knew that for a community to soar there are many vital factors and influences. Yes, commerce is one. But it’s not the only one…and certainly not the most important. They knew that a vibrant and sustainable social fabric is woven with the threads of respect and concern for all members of the community, not just a few. A deep faith in and relationship with the Sacred. And a profound knowing that any decision must honor the Earth and all life. These were the threads of truth they wove through any course of action. These threads were intrinsic.
flying one

We hold the legacy of our ancestors. We hold the power of collective wisdom and collaborative ingenuity. We don’t need anyone to give us false feathers. So let’s lose the feather. And fly.


Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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