A Shattering of Glass

Several women, friends whose opinion I regard highly, have said that I should support Hillary Clinton because it’s time to break through the glass ceiling. I’ve been a passionate advocate for women’s rights for more than 40 years. That passion has shaped many of my actions, decisions, and choices. But not this time. Yes, I am strongly rooted in feminist ideology. But I am also rooted deeply in my Irish heritage. And this time, it is my Irish heritage that guides my thinking.

There are several historical perspectives that speak a loud counsel to me. And they all emanate from the demands my Irish ancestors placed on leadership. Fundamental was the requirement that leaders be concerned first and foremost with the welfare of the land and the people. All the people. Not just a few. Not just the 1%. But all the people.

With a personal net worth reported to be $45M in 2016, combined with her husband’s $80M net worth for the same year, she is clearly one of the few. Considering her massive campaign contributions from Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Time Warner, and others, Hillary holds vested membership in and is vetted by the 1%. Although she recently said that campaign contributions of this nature don’t influence legislation or policy, I find that hard to swallow.

shattered glassThere are other perspectives on her candidacy that I will explore, but for me, this one alone is a deal breaker. With all due respect to my sisters who advocate for breaking through the glass ceiling, I can’t drink the kool-aid on this one. That glass is shattered.

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6 thoughts on “A Shattering of Glass

  1. Hmmm, what if it’s not kool ade, but rather a healing tonic. I can’t say that I agree with your thinking on this one, dear sister. There is no one running who is not one of the few.

    • Sharing ideas that are not always shared ideas. One of the gifts of our culture – national, local, and personal. It is the grit of meaningful dialogue that fosters pearls of new wisdom. Thank you for your reflections.

  2. I’m concerned that the true kool-aid is the unbalanced vitriol being spewed by the press.
    My choice is clear, I will vote for the candidate who is most likely to advance the cause of women.

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