A System of Honor

I agree. Hillary Clinton is a bright, intelligent, influential, dedicated, and hard working woman. Those who support her for President argue that with her expertise and experience, she would know how to get things done. And they are correct. She absolutely knows her way around our current system of government and governance. And she would get things done – within the limits of paralyzing congressional gridlock.

The problem is it’s a broken system. My issue is that what would get done would, in all likelihood, be more of what is being done now. More of the same. And in so many ways the same is just not working for many Americans – or the planet. Well, it does seem to be working pretty well for the 1%. We have the political and governance system our founding fathers and subsequent Presidents warned us about. A system in which so much power is wielded by financially focused special interests. Eisenhower was strong, clear, and articulate about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. And yet here we are.

honor priceThe Brehon Laws. I’ve written about them before, these ancient civil codes of Ireland. At the very foundation of these Laws is the concept and belief of Honor Price. That all people and every living thing have value and are to be held in honor. Actions and decisions were made from this knowing. What might be possible? What might shift were we to base our actions and decisions on this knowing?

At the very least it would shift the narrative.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com