A New Narrative

So. If not Hillary, then who? Leaving aside the Republican candidates who have turned up the volume on hate rhetoric to unprecedented levels, that would suggest Sanders. But, can he win? Does he have the depth of expertise and experience necessary – especially in areas of foreign policy? Good questions. Important questions about the future possibility of Bernie as the Democratic candidate and President.

What will unfold in the future is yet to be seen. But what intrigues and heartens me is what is unfolding now. From the beginning of his campaign, Sanders has shifted the narrative. He is speaking of things that many say will not serve his election prospects. He is speaking  of things at the core, at the very foundation, of our current and very broken political and new narrativegovernance system. This is a new narrative. A narrative that is engaging millions of people. In fact, he has garnered the unprecedented number of 3 million campaign contributions. Each averaging $27. His narrative is inspiring and energizing a grassroots movement. And a new conversation.

Whether Bernie will leave a legacy of being a Presidential candidate or even President is yet to be known. But with each day and each speech on the campaign trail, he is building and living a legacy that can last for generations. He is building the legacy of a new narrative.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com