Just Stop Knocking

I knocked on the door until my knuckles were bleeding. Pounding with both fists. Open! Open! OPEN!

Ah. The energy of Summer. Of action and activity. Of doing. Of making things happen. Of life in full bloom. I love this energy. I’m good at it. It works for me. Just eight weeks after my double mastectomy last year, I was in Ireland for a month leading tours. Climbing, hiking, and driving. I felt fabulous. Yes, it was a consequence of spiritual surrender and of much prayer – mine and others. It was also a consequence of determination, of sheer will.

And so I strode through the rest of the year wearing the Summer mantle. I had things to do. Editing the second edition of my Legacy of Wisdom book, planning and publicizing  this year’s Sacred Ireland journeys, launching an initiative to empower women recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Most especially being with my Dad and my family as he made his transition from this world. And then there was the memorial service to plan.

the doorI started getting the messages last fall. The messages to slow down. To stop so much ‘doing’ and to ‘be’. I heard them and promptly tucked them away for future consideration. But after Dad’s memorial, the messages kept coming. Persistent, strong, and clear. It was time to settle into the energy of Winter. Of being still and listening. Of contemplation. It was hard to step away from the persistent pushing to make things happen. But, of course, it was absolutely the right energy to be with. And sure enough, the Universe opened and is still opening. I just had to stop knocking.

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    • Yes. Me too. I have no illusions that knowing this in this moment will create a forever knowing. I expect I will come back to this again…and again. Love!!!

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