Musical Threads

It would appear that music is a thread being woven through what Jack is calling our Magical Mystery Book Launch Tour. And how very appropriate.

Yesterday in the interview with Thomas Sheridan about my book we wandered around the magical and musical soul of Ireland. The Oran Mór (the Great Melody) that sings a sacred harmony in all land and life here. It was a imagepowerful conversation. With editing, music, and images the video will be released in the next few weeks.

And today we were gifted music by Martin Byrne, a megalithic expert and by his definition megalithic maniac, who played for us at two sacred sites. The Crevykeel Court Cairn and a Brigit’s Holy well that we wandered to through a field of wild flowers and hawthorn trees in full bloom. We were transfixed and transported.

Note: The books, Jack’s latest and mine, are being well received. They are now in the Drumcliff bookshop just a few yards from Yeat’s grave and in a delightful bookshops in downtown Sligo. 

Judith –

2 thoughts on “Musical Threads

  1. wow, congrats to you and Jack on the books. I need to look them up.

    • Hey Judith. The book is the same one you have. Second edition. Heavily edited and a much better read…but basically the same book. And it’s available on this site, the Books page. Amazon still has the first edition for $27+shipping. My price is now $14. I believe Jack’s book is available on his website….will check with him in the morning and let you know. Huge hugs!!!!

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