On The Road To Letterkenny

This is the road from our lodging on Donegal’s west coast to Letterkenny. In fact Jack named it the main road. And yes, it is intended if not designed for imagetwo way traffic. Rounding one of the many twists and turns…well, I couldn’t resist stopping the car for a photo.

I had just finished a series of shots when a red car approached, carefully maneuvering around the sheep. I stepped aside to let her pass but she pulled up beside me and stopped. She rolled down her window and grinned. “Did ye get that, then?” I assured her that I did indeed get the photo. Hearing my accent she asked where in the States I was from and was I on holiday. After a few more pleasantries she stuck her arm out of the window to shake my hand. “Well. A very warm welcome to Donegal. I hope you enjoy your stay.”


Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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