In Chantment

imageThe site is impressive. A commanding presence in the landscape and unique megalithic configuration. As we approached it, several descriptors came to mind, formidable and fortress among them. Ah, we see things through our cultural lenses and so many of the ancient sites are thought of in terms of war and defense. Yet the truth is that few if any implements of war are ever discovered at these places. And although the well has probably always been here and part of this sacred landscape, the cross was added much later.

As we made our way through the arched entrance, other descriptors came to imageus. Amphitheater and colosseum. The former was more likely getting to the truth, although we will really never know. Such is the mystery of these places. The acoustics here are amazing. When Annie stood across the 30 meter diameter from me and Jack, she could hear every word and was as part of our conversation as if she was standing next to us. What must it have been like for our tribal ancestors gathered here? Apparently there was once a large stone platform in the middle. Was this a place for meeting and discussing the people’s business? It would have served that purpose brilliantly.

Yet what came to me was the notion of harmony. What would it have been like had our ancestors come to this place not to merely discuss but to sing, imagechant, and play music? What if this place, open to the skies and heavens above, was dedicated to being in harmony with the universe? For our ancestors lived their lives in harmony with the sacred beyond what we can probably imagine. The energy of the Oran Mór, the great melody or harmony that sings through all of life. Through all of creation.

I wonder. Yes, this is a just a story – like any story we create to explain what we cannot understand or know. Yet I like having a story that is not of war and destruction but of life and living in harmony. I like having a story that challenges my cultural filters. I like having a story of enchantment…or perhaps in-chantment.

Judith –

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  1. Oh yes… more tears….I must find your words to be very moving… hence the tears.

    • Wow. Thank you my brother. Honored that you are enjoying these posts. And yes…it’s something of a moving adventure over here. It’s like I need one day of experiences and one day to write about them. And…I’m well behind. But towards the end of my time here I will have more time to write much more. And harmony…the great harmony…is just so present. And do remember that I carry you with me here. Beannacht!!!!!

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