A Curiosity Of Cows

It’s Annie’s last night in Ireland and we just couldn’t resist one more foray into the Irish countryside to look at yet another dolmen and holy well. Ah, forging imageover fence and field. Jack is in his element. He knows just about every megalith on this Emerald Isle and greets them all with the enthusiasm of a long lost friend.

We had wandered into a pasture to see a truly lovely dolmen. Jack was pointing out the many unique features when we heard a low trumpling behind us and felt the ground shake a bit. The bulls had been at the far end of the field but ran over to see what was going on. As Jack said, “Hell. You’re a cow. You do bloody nothing but stand in a field all day. Of course you’re curious.”

Or perhaps they were just coming over to say “goodbye and safe journeys to you”, Annie. This has indeed been a most Magical Mystery Book Launch Tour and while the tour continues your being with us these last two weeks has brought much joy. Pure delight. Thank you so much!

Judith – judith@stonefires.com