Beyond The One

It had been a long and full day when Jack proposed another adventure. I glanced at the rest of the group and a collective thought bubble appeared over their heads. “No! Please! Not another stone circle!”

Jack's vistasAh. Such is traveling with Jack. For there is always just over the hill another stone circle, dolmen, standing stone, or cairn. He knows them all. And he’s excited to share these ancient friends with anyone willing to climb stone walls and fences or navigate fields of cows and sheep.

Yet it’s not really about these ancient sites themselves. Yes, they are spectacular. But it’s not the individual megaliths Jack wants us to see. It’s the larger landscape. The pattern. It’s so easy to get focused on a single cairn or circle and one of the many reasons I appreciate working with Jack is his expansive perspective. Stepping back to see and imagine not only the sites but their relationship with each other…and the people who created them. This is the greater mystery of Ireland’s sacred landscape. A mystery that beckons us to look beyond the one.

Seems applicable to so many things in life.

Judith –

3 thoughts on “Beyond The One

  1. What I like is their relationship to each other. It is amazing how over great distance the ancients built structures to align with each other. An ancient wonder.

    • Absolutely. And as you know both Jack and Anthony are leading the way in this wonder-full knowing. There are more stories to be written in the next days…more about the alignment.

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