What Would They Tell Us?

The landscape seems desolate and deserted. But as we walked to the Beaghmore stone circles that notion vanished entirely.beaghmore stone circlesAt megalithic sites across Ireland, usually there are three or four circles in the same area. Usually they are fields apart. Usually we have no clues about how our ancestors approached and interacted with these sites. But there is nothing usual about these seven circles. One solitary circle. The other six paired so close together they almost touch. Each pairing with a cairn between them and avenues of standing stones that suggest a ceremonial approach. The pattern of engagement is palpable.

Beaghmore landscapeAnd these circles are only one of many sites nestled in the Sperrin Mountains – just one of the dots scattered across this map. It was staggering to imagine this entire landscape teeming with tribal people in sacred ceremony, their chants and songs echoing across the valley. We could feel them. We could almost see them walking among the stones. Ann suggested we bring tents and camp here for several weeks. To sit with the stones and land and ancestral energies who were woven in sacred relationship. To listen for the wisdom of the ancestors. A wisdom lost so long ago. A wisdom, it seems to me, we could sure use today.

Brilliant idea, Ann. I wonder. What would they tell us?

Judith – judith@stonefires.com