If You Want To Feel The Power

We came to call them that couple from Colorado. They approached us last fall about going on tour with us. But they wanted us to adjust the tours so they could start at Skellig Michael. She wanted to stand on top and connect with the ley lines that are said to intersect there. They were not entirely happy that we declined this suggestion and not at all interested in the many reasons behind our decision.

The recent Star Wars movie has had quite the impact on tours to Skellig Michael where the final scenes were filmed. They are booked out for months. And even if you do get a Skellig-Michaelbooking there is no guarantee you will get to the island. Those are treacherous waters even in the best of weather and one can arrive for the morning departure only to be told by the boat captain that they are not making the trip that day. You get your money back. But not your place in the queue. And if you do get to the island there is the daunting climb to the top along a very narrow wind-swept set of stone stairs. Not for the faint of heart.

There were other reasons behind our decision. What would be a long drive well away from our normal route of sacred sites. Spending time in touristed areas we generally avoid on our journeys. Jack’s general reluctance to get terribly excited about ley lines.

But what Jack and I tried repeatedly to share with this couple is that you don’t need to stand on top of a windy craggy rock to feel the power in Ireland. It’s there at every site we visit. It is present in the land and especially the sacred landscapes. The point is not to arrive in Ireland with preconceived ideas of where to touch the magic. The point is to spend time with these sites and allow the powerful energies to find you. Because they will if one is open. If you want to feel the power, just spend time with the land. In Ireland as in so many other places around this beautiful globe, it’s there. And it’s waiting for those willing to release their preconceptions and surrender to what is truly present.

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