Are We Ready?

fomorianThey were a malevolent presence in the world. They wished to defy nature itself, to mold the world to their own selfish will. They wreaked havoc everywhere they went and, left unchecked, would bring ruination to the earth and all life. They had to be stopped.

Although it could seem I’m writing about our current political dynamics, this is a story from ancient Ireland. A story of when Ireland’s spiritual ancestors encountered, defeated, and banished the evil race of Fomorian giants.

And then life was good. For a while. These spiritual ancestors, the Tuatha Dé, the Divine Tribe, were also known as the People of Peace, the People of Light, the Magical Crowd. With their influence, those energies were present in the land. But then the Celtic people arrived bringing with them the full mix of human attributes, including the desire for domination. And the Celts became determined to dominate and defeat the Divine Tribe. It didn’t go well. Yes, the Tribe could have vanquished these new arrivals but they saw in these people that there was good as well as evil. And they had hope for them.

So the Tribe decided to retreat into the landscape, into the sídhe mounds, into another realm where sidhe-awakeningthey could wait and watch. Perhaps these people would one day come to a place where they would embrace the Light. Perhaps one day they would embrace Peace. Then, when times are dark and the people are ready, they would emerge from the mounds to bring the Light back into the world. This is their promise. This is the prophecy. But they won’t do it for us. They will only do it with us.

Well. It seems the Fomorians have returned. Within this prophesied time of darkness and awakening, the Tuatha Dé are now waiting for us to embrace our sacred and divine nature. They are waiting for enough of us to manifest the best aspects of humanity so that we many join with them in manifesting Light in the world. They are waiting for us. Are we ready?

Judith –

Note: Dear friend and colleague Anthony Murphy has just published a novella on this story, The Cry Of The Sebac. It’s uplifting, hopeful, and brilliant. It’s available on Kindle through Amazon.