It’s Time For Wizards & Hobbits

The great mythographer Joseph Campbell
said, on more than one occasion,
that he believed a new mythology for our time
was not only needed but on its way.

When I read this wizards and hobbits statement on the FB post of a friend recently, I was struck by the wisdom of it. We could use the energy of this mythology. We could use the energy of all mythology right now. And it’s time to step beyond our contemporary thinking that mythology is just fiction. For there are historical and cultural truths embedded in the mythologies of any culture. In fact Robert Graves wrote that Irish mythology is history. 

the-tuatha-shieldSo while it may stretch the boundaries of plausibility to think of ancient spiritual ancestors emerging from the sacred mounds of Ireland’s megalithic landscape, there is something here for us. I’ve been in communication with Anthony Murphy around many issues, including my recent writings. In his latest email he noted that the Tuatha Dé did not fear the tyrannical and oppressive Fomorians. Fear is the weapon and power of tyrants. Standing fully in their power as people of Light and Peace, the Tribe vanquished these oppressors. The lesson in this, Anthony wrote, is “Do not fear.” 

Indeed. For when we stand rooted in the truth of who we are as sacred people, people of passion and compassion, people of wisdom and creativity, people dedicated to the well-being of this planet and all who live on her, we stand in our power. We stand in harmony with each other and the Universe. And as sacred musicologist Joachim-Ernst Berendt wrote, harmony is the goal of the Universe.

There is a shared knowing that when we are on the right path in life the Universe shows up to support us. So how implausible could it be that in these times we would be supported by energies from another dimension and realm, by Ireland’s spiritual ancestors? 

Judith –

3 thoughts on “It’s Time For Wizards & Hobbits

  1. Thanks Judith. I was at Newgrange today and when the lights went out in the chamber, and those words were in my mind – “do not fear”. Then the light came in!

  2. Let the light in . . . . shine it out. I’m open to new mythologies and letting the ancestral wisdom guide me.

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