Meeting & Missing Elder Wisdom

An elder, Manitonquat, and a book I cannot recommend strongly enough. Salve for the soul in these and all times. The Original Instructions: Reflections of and Elder on the Teachings of the Elders, Adapting Ancient Wisdom to the Twenty-First Century. There is such resonance with the teachings of the Tuatha Dé, such a harmony of indigenous knowing and wisdom. Music to dance to! 

Ahhh. How the Universe works. Annie and I were tucked into the Gallery Cafe for what Annie describes as the best omelettes on the planet. We soon engaged with a woman sitting next to us who lives off the grid with her husband and five children near Gort. She and her husband had just been praying for elders to show up in their lives and she determined we were they. She and her family came to the housewarming and it was from her husband that I learned of Manitonquat and his books. Relationships forged!

Apparently just weeks before, while I was on tour, Manitonquat offered a circle session just a mile or so up the road from the cottage. Missed the workshop, but delighted to know of this amazing elder. The synchronicity and synergy is delicious. Clearly more to unfold.

Judith –

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