A Dialogue

John O’Donohue and Manitonquat. They may have met. I have no idea. But there is, in their writings, a meeting of mind and spirit. There is also, in their writings, a reflection of the alignment and resonance of indigenous spiritual traditions. In this case the Irish and Native American.

Dialogue. It comes from the Greek. From logos, meaning words, and diá, meaning through or between. As I invite the words of these two amazing men to flow through a few blog posts, I am reminded of John’s blessing, Beannacht, “And so may a slow wind work these words around you an invisible cloak to mind your life.”

John O’Donohue
When we devote no time to the inner life, we lose the habit of soul. We become accustomed to keeping things at a surface level. The deeper questions about who we are and what we are here for visit us less and less. If we allow time for soul, we will come to sense its dark and luminous depth. If we fail to acquaint ourselves with soul, we will remain strangers in our own lives.

There is a need in human beings for spiritual understanding. The longing is there. Not to be cut off from the process of Creation, not to be isolated and abandoned to our very limited human knowledge. They may not realize it, but most people seem to be searching for that lost sense of the sacred and the holy.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

Note: in upcoming posts I will be referencing many of John’s books and Manitonquat’s book: The Original Instructions: Reflections of an Elder on the Teachings of the Elders, Adapting Ancient Wisdom to the Twenty-First Century, available through his website, circle way.org, and Amazon.