Cosmic Commentary

Solstice. The shortest day and longest night of the year. Arguably the darkest day. And this year a full Cold Moon with high tides and lashing waves. A dark time as we await the return of the Light.

So above, so below.

Solstice. Arguably one of the darkest days in our nation’s recent history preceded by Mattis’ resignation and the unmooring of strategic military reasoning, a unilateral military decision to pull troops out of Syria, an insane pronouncement that ISIS has been defeated, a temper tantrum over a wall, political policy dictated by ‘news’ pundits, a crashing stock market, and now a government shutdown. All wrapped in clear and growing evidence of this administration’s treachery and treason. A dark time.

We await the return of the Light, increasing day by day.
As it is above, so may it be below.

Judith –

1 thought on “Cosmic Commentary

  1. Yes, you’ve put language to exactly what I experience, and yet, the full moon, creating a path of light through the field to the water…made me feel strangely hopeful, and aware that it is magic that is called for, the deep earth magic that isn’t about tricks but is about something deeper and stronger. I am so grateful for this post – I truly feel less crazy!

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