A Flash In The Pan-theon

Christmas eve and morning FB posts were filled with Christmas wishes and blessings. That night someone posted a photo of Santa, an empty sack over his shoulder, walking off into the distance. “See you next year!” Another posted a fire on their beach and declared Christmas over. In a flash, it’s done.

Note. I fully realize that Santa is not a god of our pantheon. Or is he? It does seem he’s now one of our most celebrated and revered icons of this spiritual season. 

From Santa to Solstice, the celebrations of this season seem to hold the energy of an event. Santa comes down the chimney. The morning light shines up the passage at Newgrange. And it’s over.

But it’s not over. The Light hasn’t returned. It’s returning in a journey of six months. Perhaps yet another cosmic commentary. So above, so below.

May we remember to keep shining the Light we hold. May we know that this is a journey of unfolding – and not a flash in our pan-theon.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

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