They Didn’t See It Coming

Some called it an earthquake. Others a tsunami. It was indeed a force of nature. And those who thought they had a firm handle on Ireland’s political landscape didn’t see it coming.

Sinn Féin won the highest share of the vote in Ireland’s recent general election. The results are historically among the worst ever for the established parties. The late surge in support for Sinn Féin was so unexpected that the party failed to run enough candidates in the election to fully capitalize on its popularity.

The wave of voter support was a clear message. The current system of spending cuts and tax increases is broken. It’s time to end the oligarchy’s strangle hold.

At a time when fascist and oligarchic power is on the rise in the US and around the world, this wave of change is a message of hope and possibility. I pray that in our 2020 election, a wave of change will sweep across our country as well. Those focused on retaining their current political power and domination likely don’t see it coming. But we do.

A note for your consideration. I happen to like Pete Buttigieg. Yet whenever his name comes up in conversation someone will invariably wonder whether this country is ready for a gay President. Well. Ireland currently has a gay Prime Minister. His sexuality was not the issue when he was elected, nor is it an issue now. He will step down not because he’s married to a man but because the philosophies and practices of his party are no longer the will of the people.

Judith –