A Journey Of Caves

“I’m not particularly comfortable with this,” I said. “It’s lasting much longer than I anticipated.” He smiled. “You are resting. And getting ready,” he said. I knew better than to ask what I was getting ready for. My spiritual teachers generally prefer and encourage our own discovery. This was in December.

After a profound spiritual experience in Ireland in September, I had come home and settled into some cave time for contemplation and integration. By December I was ready to be done. But I wasn’t done. Stepping through a threshold to a deeper relationship and alliance with spiritual realms was calling me to surrender to the rhythm of those energies and as the weeks and months passed, that surrender was not complete. I sensed a significant shift coming but it hadn’t arrived. 

I love caves. Especially the caves in Ireland. This photo is of me and dear friend Annie in one of the Caves of Keash near Sligo.  I love being with the Earth and being in the Earth. Listening to her heartbeat and the echoes of ancestral habitation. And I love the deep contemplative energy of cave time, particularly when it aligns with the Winter season. But Spring was approaching and I was getting restless. This whole surrender thing was getting a bit unnerving.

Yet in that unnerving was the gift of understanding more deeply how to navigate liminal space, the space between worlds that is perhaps not as much between worlds but the blending of worlds. And for new navigators, it’s a space that holds the unknown and uncertainty. For me, this cave time offered the gift of learning how to ground and stay grounded in liminal energy. 

I emerged from the cave and was able to go to Ireland for a couple of weeks before finding myself catapulted back into cave time. This time because of the global virus. And now we are all in cave time. We are all dancing with the liminal energies of the unknown and uncertain. For many, that dance is not going well. And we are ready for it to be done. 

But it’s not done. And this time of liminality stretches before us with no sure end in sight. It’s more than a bit unnerving. May we find the gifts here for us. May we breathe into the now that is. May we see the shift coming and may we be grounded to welcome it. 

For we are standing on the threshold of the biggest collective awakening in human history. 

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

2 thoughts on “A Journey Of Caves

  1. Ah so sister – well stated! Actually I’m doing fine.  But I realize some of my irritability is based in anxiety  and knowing we will all need to adjust to a new rythm and beat in a scale that has yet to be written and even invented!  I think my bees are to arrive next week so went out and bought a bee suit.  Did gardening and land clearing this weekend and have an ancestors wisdom webinar in an hour.  I like the woman but it is more basic than I had hoped.  She’s spent much of the time on easing into a relationship with them and on personal protection which has been needed for a lot of folks because many attendees seem to be children of holocaust Survivors,  as is the woman teaching. I’m in a different place so it’s not been as meaningful for me. I’m rambling…and watching the birds and the wind and the trees!Xoxoxo,  Linda Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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