We Are One

Elder & Ancestor Wisdom


Life. There is a balance and harmony to it all. To sit on a hill apart from human beings you may be able to feel all this. Then it may come to you that you are not an outside observer. You are one with all Creation, a relative to all that is.

The truth of Creation is within you, within all of us. Let therefore your own spirit debate or confirm or expand these messages passed to us by the elders, thought upon and verified by centuries even millennia of human experience.

Elder. Now ancestor.



Judith – judith@stonefires.com

2 thoughts on “We Are One

  1. “You are one with all Creation, a relative to all that is.”

    I hadn’t thought of being a relative in this way, even though I often think about Creation as a family. Saint Francis talks about Brother Sun and Sister Moon. We are all connected and, as Manitonquat claims, related.

  2. As I read this I don’t feel such an outlander in that I live alone; and enjoy staying alone. More and more.

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