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I am the fiery life of the Divine Essence.

I am the flame above the beauty in the fields.

I shine in the waters. I burn in the sun, the moon,
and the stars.

And with the airy wind, I quicken all things by an unseen, all-sustaining life.


Hildegard von Bingen
Mystic & Saint



Judith – judith@stonefires.com

Photo: Statue of Hildegard as a young woman.

1 thought on “Holy Spirit Wisdom

  1. Great Father holy as the Sun awaken with in meThe Light is rising, rising, rising within me.My mind is beauty and strength My heart is compassion and justiceMy life is honor and humility  I am the brilliance of the Sun I am the strength of the Stone I am the song of the Wind I am a protector of all Life 

    Dashawan prayer

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