From Reaction To Right Action

Our attention is pulled from one horrific unfolding to the next in a constant onslaught of news and information. Just when we didn’t think it could get any worse. Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!

And I hear so many wondering what we can do, especially within this current situation of hibernation and physical distancing. We can’t hold rallies. We can’t march and protest. We feel helpless. 

Yes, there are many amazing stories of neighbors helping neighbors and communities taking care of their people. It’s what we can do. Yet on a larger scale of politics and legislation and social injustice, we feel powerless to react with anything but frustration.

What we can do.

We can choose not to swim in the turbulent waters of constant rage, outrage, and emotional reaction. 

We can choose instead to stand in a calmer place of detached witnessing to what is happening.

We can stay grounded and centered and take care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

For it is from this place of ground and center, that we will know what we can do. We will know when it is time for right action instead of reaction.


Judith – judith

5 thoughts on “From Reaction To Right Action

  1. Yes!!

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  2. Thanks for this; the outraged reaction is always so tempting!

  3. And, once again gratitude for your eloquence and elegant perspective. Always a deep place of satisfaction and, yes, comfort to hear/see your voice/words. Keep on, my brave priestess.beannacht 

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  4. I appreciate your positive and doable advice. We can and should follow it. I also appreciate your challenging the attitude of feeling helpless. Instead we can be essential.

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