Coming Home

June 12, 2020

Elder & Ancestor Wisdom

I recently spent four days with some of the grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. During this Summit of the Rose, we listened to grandmothers from Tibet, Africa, and tribes here in the States. It was a stunning and filling piece of time. Dennis asked whether their messages were different from those shared in the past. No. The messages were still focused on our relationship with the Earth, the Sacred, and each other. There was perhaps more urgency.

No. What the grandmothers shared is the same core message that is being shared by elders and ancestors and wisdom keepers around the world. It’s time to come home. Malidoma Somé published this in April.

A Message From Elder Malidoma Somé

The world is in an initiatory intensive at this time. As with any initiation, the fear of the unknown is more deadly than what is known. At times like this, we must invoke our medicines, our collective gifts and imaginations to stomp the spread of fear and insecurity, and to read into the crisis that is plaguing the world from the perspective of our human genius and its capacity to respond to our turmoil wisely.

At this time dear ones, we need to distance ourselves from the fear that is spreading and get closer to Nature and our Ancestors. Nature carries the magic we need to ascend to the light of our collective immunity. As the mirror of our true selves, Nature wants us to immerse ourselves into Her so we can remember that we are not the puppets of fear. If we do so, we will see how this pandemic is a call to self-check and an invitation to reclaim a larger power we are entitled to. We are also invited to remember that our healing is with our Ancestors. These forebears are reminding us that the medicine we brought to this planet is yet to be unleashed fully. Let us engage them with the stories of our current journey. Let us show them that as co-creators, we stand together while we walk through this initiation. Let’s not sag into the easy recess of panic. It’s a déjà-vu that makes us predictable to the agents of manipulation and robs us of our the grace of our sacred selves. If we do trust our medicine, if we have faith in our Ancestors and believe in the magic of Mother Nature, now is a good time for all of that to show.

Now, more than ever we must speak loud to the Ancestors, we must feel the Earth beneath our feet and we must capture the smell of Nature as we commit to a larger life and re-subscribe to the medicine of each other. We are that close to a glorious homecoming.

May it be so. And may we come home.

Judith –

4 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Such a fantastic experience that must have been. Such a special opportunity. I think it’s smart to emphasize that the message hasn’t changed. It doesn’t change with the times except, as you say, to add an element of urgency. We need to reconcile with nature, with the planet, with other humans. Ancient messaging come down for ages. May we listen to it now.

  2. A mirror for you my dear friend. Read your first sentence again. Let that sink in. Mark this! This is your new normal. These are your peers. Just saying…

    Notice this because it is remarkable!!! xoxo Shannon

    I recently spent four days with some of the grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.


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