Behind Closed Doors

June 10, 2020

We’ve been here a while. Behind these closed doors. And in the dance of openings and re-closings, it seems we will be here for a while longer.

It’s hard for me to get my mind around the global nature of this. So many sequestered around the world. All experiencing a shift in life rhythms and patterns. And in this shifting, in this slowing down to the speed of wisdom, how many are embracing this opportunity for contemplation and introspection? How many are embracing this opportunity to recalibrate our lives and perhaps our collective moral compass? I wonder.

OK. Probably not as many as I would hope for. But still, there has been a shift in the global collective consciousness. Perhaps we are seeing some of this manifest in the strong and sustained peaceful protests against police brutality. Some might argue this is more the consequence of the perfect storm of people with both free time and outrage. I choose to believe that beyond the distractions of binge watching movies and purging closets and planting gardens – all good and worthwhile activities – people have considered deeply the world we want to step back into when the doors open again. And our role in shaping that world.

Closed for maintenance. When those doors open again, may we indeed be transformed. May that transformation have deep and secure roots. And may we sustain the trajectory of that transformation. For our people. For our planet.

Judith –