The Lights Are Rising

July 1, 2020

A friend was reading my Legacy book and asked Dennis, “Yeah, but how is this going to change the world? How is this going to stop a nuclear war?” 

Wow. Well, there isn’t a book published that will change the world and prevent a nuclear war. Change is happening but it’s not coming from any one source. I have to admit I’ve been looking for that one source, that one eloquent and powerful champion of change. But I don’t see it. What I do see is a growing list of changes that are happening one person and one action at a time. 

What I know is that we are each one of us born with divine Light. And love and joy and peace and an enthusiasm for life. Yes, there are many that have all but extinguished their light. But they are small in number even though currently large in headlines. And I know that for the majority of people on this planet their Light is brighter than it’s been in a long time and it’s from that place of the Light within each of us that change is happening.

We know how to do this. We know what needs to be changed and within the landscape of our lives we know how to make those changes. We don’t need one source to tell us what to do. We’ve got this. We see each other’s shining and we hear each other’s stories and we are lifted up to shine our Light even brighter.

One by one the Lights are rising.

Judith –

3 thoughts on “The Lights Are Rising

  1. The last sentence especially has power–in part because it’s based on everything before. We don’t need one source, because we are all sources. We can be Light for each other. Change doesn’t have to happen famously. Gradual is fine and probably more lasting.

    • Hey. I just wanted to yet again appreciate your reflections. Yes. Gradual and deep roots are essential. We are the Light for each other. Grateful to be in even this technological connection with you. Love your mind and spirit.

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