Dream Yoga With Tinker Bell

July 2, 2020

Seriously? This is a thing? Yes. It’s on the bulleted list of what will be included in a thirteen week video course on how to heal your life in the dream time. Along with dream travel with archangels and W.B. Yeats. The whole thing seems highly suspect to me. However it wasn’t by chance or internet meanderings that I found out about this. Someone I know is actually signed up for this course. 

OK. I’m a spiritual guide and teacher. And yes, people pay to join me on pilgrimage or attend gatherings both here in the States and in Ireland. But I don’t channel Tinker Bell. Nor do I orchestrate their individual and unique experiences. My work is about creating the container in which participants can have their own encounters as is appropriate to their spiritual journey. My work is about creating the space for the wisdom each of us holds to emerge more clearly. It often comes as a surprise when I tell people that I won’t give them anything they don’t already have within. Information, yes. Perhaps a different perspective, yes. But the essential sacred nature, the knowing and wisdom that is within each of us isn’t something that can be given. Or taken away for that matter. 

It’s really that simple. Which is why it’s often so hard to grasp. And I appreciate that it’s tempting to create all manner of complex teachings and tools and rituals thinking they will give us the wisdom. But they won’t. As Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, a teaching is merely a vehicle to describe the truth. Don’t mistake it for the truth itself. A finger pointing at the moon is not the moon

And right now we need the full Light of the moon. We need to step beyond the pointing fingers because we all know our way home to the Light we hold. And we need to shine that Light. It’s that simple.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com

4 thoughts on “Dream Yoga With Tinker Bell

  1. Hi Judith,

    I certainly agree with your main point here. But I will say that the guy doing this course is on the same page with you—as I understand it he’s actually trying to hold space for people to listen to the guidance in their daydreams, night dreams, imagination and intuition. I’ve read one of his books and it was fascinating, and I listened to the free talks connected to this course. He’s all about self-reflection and connecting with the divine help within and around us.

    Blessings, Anne


    • Hey Anne,

      Thank you so much for this. I appreciate that there are many paths. Holding space, creating the container, for people to listen to their inner guidance and intuition is indeed the intersection of our work.


  2. I had a serious crush on Tinkerbell until well into my forties 

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