A Palpable Presence

March 6, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom

We were nearing the end of our pilgrimage and she was distressed. A deeply religious and spiritual woman, Mel had not been able to feel the energies in the many sacred sites we had visited. As we walked to the Dysert O’Dea church she again mentioned that she was so envious of others who had touched the mystery and was sadly resigned to returning to the States without that experience.

As we entered the church I took her hand and guided her to the center to stand on the energy line and face the windows that looked out to the Celtic Cross in the adjacent field. I gave her a hug and stepped back. 

Taking a deep breath and grounding with the Earth, she stood there for only a few moments before turning to me. Her face was filled with joy, her eyes were filled with tears. “I feel it! I feel it! It’s so amazing and powerful.”

Energy lines, ley lines, are considered with great skepticism by many including a few of my Irish friends and colleagues, something I will explore more in future posts. But the ancient people knew they were real. And they still exude a powerful and palpable presence.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com