March 10, 2021

The Light Of Ancient Wisdom


Earth energies. Ley lines. Spirit roads. Faery paths. The Catholic Church was having none of it. For the light of ancient wisdom, it was a time of great snuffing. The Church was determined to expunge the St. John gospel of the divine and sacred being present in all things, teachings that aligned with ancient Irish spiritual traditions, teachings in harmony with Gnositc and Coptic beliefs. The Church was determined to enforce the teachings of St. Peter that it was only possible to have a relationship with the divine through the structure and teachings of the Church. 

Perhaps a bit dim on the concept of these unseen other realm energies being present in the landscape itself, their efforts included blocking the doors and windows of early churches that were built on ley lines as if this would thwart both the flow of energy and the belief systems that honored such energetic harmonies. 

The physical blocking was a failed strategy. When we meditated in the church pictured here – the old door was blocked up but another was created on the side of the church – the energy was vibrant. However blocking those beliefs systems was more successful. Although present in legend and lore and even a few current stories, the Irish people largely began to abandon that other realm knowing and the traditions that kept that knowing alive.  

That some of my Irish friends and colleagues roll their eyes at the mere mention of ley lines is so curious to me and a topic for upcoming posts. But first, another story from current times. For the great snuffing was rigorous but not absolute.

Judith –