September 30, 2021


By the time we wandered into Sligo town and Michael Quirke’s shop I didn’t need an affirmation for what was unfolding. But I would get one anyway.

Carver of Myth & Legend, Michael is also an incredible storyteller. Totally captivating. A visit with Michael is always a favorite experience and the women with me this time were not able to resist buying some of his mythic carvings – each one with a story written out on the spot by Michael’s hand, along with directions on how to care for the piece. Linseed oil works but the preferred is body oil through lots of handling.  

Over the years, through personal experience and anecdotal insights from people who have known Michael for a long time, I’ve come to know him as a deeply mystical man. He doesn’t talk about it but it’s there in his carvings and his stories. Very much in plain sight for those who can see it. I’ve even heard that he holds very strong Druidic energies. No surprise in that. 

As the others left the shop I hung back. Holding Michael’s hands I thanked him for the visit and told him to mind himself. In the past few years he’s had some significant medical challenges and while he looked good in this visit I always hold in the back of my mind the thought that one day we won’t be able to spend time with him. He seemed to dismiss what I said. Instead he looked me in the eyes and said, “When you’re here things always get stirred up.”

Apparently so. Looking back I see that the stirrings, especially in this landscape, have been unfolding for years. And while the portal of this journey is intensely powerful, I sense my relationship with these accelerating energies will continue. There is in this the coming home of my soul.

Judith –