Echtra. The Story Unfolding.

October 10, 2021



Echtra. The word was gifted to me at the beginning of this Ireland journey. I thought it would be metaphoric. It wasn’t. 

The word carries the energy of the journey but more the story of the journey. And the story of this journey is still unfolding. It’s so deeply powerful and profound that I find myself not at all called to write about it. It’s just too sacred to be shared through blog posts. 

There is much more to write about.

I will share that this figure appeared to us through the mists that enshrouded Benbulben on our second day just after to portal closed. It was as if this figure was showing us where the next one would be opened. Yes. It’s a tree stump. But the shape of it was no coincidence. 

I will share that in our time in the sacred sites we were joined by an increasing number of ancestor and Otherworld energies. Hundreds. And it seems those entities and energies are now remaining with us. We are all navigating this new dynamic in our life landscapes…for it is indeed dynamic. And the integration will continue. The Light is rising.

I’m absolutely aware that many of you are anticipating more mystical stories. But for now, I will hold those closely and turn to other adventures. After all, it is Ireland. And there is something of a magic here in any adventure, sacred or secular.