Don’t Mess With The Ancestors

October 31, 2021


I don’t generally write two posts in one day. But this story, thank you Dennis for finding it, is a compelling addition for Samhain.

This 2,500 year old Urkok princess was discovered in the Altai region of Siberia. She was covered in tattoos of mystical creatures, buried with six horses, outfitted with intricate harnesses and colorful felt saddles, and a pouch of marijuana. All of this and the care with which she was buried suggest she was a revered member of the community and most likely a Shaman. 

When archeologists removed her body in 2019, they were warned by locals that removing her and disrupting the sacred burial site was bad luck. But the scientists, being skeptical as they generally are of anything spiritual, moved her anyway. It didn’t go well. The helicopter carrying her remains crashed and the Altai region began to suffer an increasing number of natural disasters. 

To honor the ancestors, especially during this Samhain time, can bring blessings. To dishonor them….well, it’s just not a good idea. Especially, it seems, if they are Shaman.

Judith –