Weed Wisdom

November 1, 2021


In some Native languages
the term for plants translates to
‘those who take care of us.’
Robin Wall Kimmerer

A bit of a followup on the post about the ancient Shaman in which I rather glossed over mention of the pouch of marijuana they found. Scientists determined that she died in her twenties from breast cancer and they speculate the herb was for pain management. 

Reading this struck a deep chord. For when I had breast cancer I also turned to the marijuana plant for its medicine. It wasn’t an issue of pain management for me but rather tumor reduction. And it worked. I still take cannabinoid medication to prevent any chance of the cancer returning, even after almost seven years.

As with energy, especially the essential energy of plants, the wisdom and knowing of how to work with natural world resources never dies. It might fade for a bit. But it eventually comes back. With the magical marijuana plant it seems to have taken over two thousand years. But that wisdom known to the Altai Shaman has returned. And I am grateful.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com