Cosmic Soup

November 2, 2021


Energy is not lost or destroyed,
it is merely transferred
from one party to the next.
Sir Isaac Newton

Einstein would later make this same observation and again, science confirms what the ancient ancestors knew. Granted, this applies to a closed system and because we get energy from the sun the Earth is not a closed system. But the basic argument holds. Energy shifts and changes and does not follow the linear bounds of time. We
 spend our lives swimming in a cosmic soup of ancient, ancestral, and natural world energies that shift and change but are always present. We just tend to see ourselves as somehow separate from it. Well, perhaps with the exception of an annual Samhain awareness. But the rest of the year it’s generally not part of our consciousness. 

In this separation we fail to see that everything in the natural world holds and emanates energy. We walk through a forest to look at the trees and fail to acknowledge that they are looking back at us. They sense our energy as much as we might sense theirs. 

At sacred locations in Ireland there are often guardian trees. Generally sacred Hawthorn. And before entering these landscapes I always stop and acknowledge them. This past September when we were climbing to the Carrowkeel cairns, I stopped to spend a moment with this tree, as I always do. Although I sensed it, one in our group saw that when I approached the tree its energy field began to expand and glow. Perhaps in recognition. Perhaps just because I was willing to honor its energy. This happened at other sites as well. I have written much about the landscapes in Ireland being alive. It’s not just a metaphor or turn of phrase for a marketing brochure. It’s real. It’s real for Ireland. It’s real for any place on Earth. 

In Ireland, folklore suggests that these guardian trees are places where the ancestors dwell.   Ancestral or natural world energies, it’s hard to distinguish. It all blends together. It is, after all, a cosmic energy soup.

Judith –