Wanderful Sawubona

January 2, 2022


I see you, and by seeing you,
I bring you into being.
An African Zulu greeting.

Em is five years old. Although to be precise, as it seems is important for people her age, she’s five and a half. She’s my great niece. And she is great. We don’t get to spend loads of time together but the whole family gathered on the Oregon coast for Thanksgiving. It was an amazing time and I understand she and her older brother cried on the way home because they didn’t want that time to be over. 

Then the package arrived. Now, I know I’m a very powerful spiritual woman. But I generally try to be a bit circumspect around my family unless it’s a family ceremony. For weddings and funerals my family has come to expect and even rely on my spiritual focus. But the rest of the time I intend to show up simply as the somewhat weird AJ, Auntie Judith.

Then the package arrived and with it any illusion I had of a circumspect disguise was shattered. The package, a Christmas present, was from Em. She had decided I need a magic wand, and so she made me one. She saw me.


I was so delighted that I took this photo and shared it with the women in one of my spiritual circles. They loved it and five of them accepted Em’s offer to make more. I’ve sent Em photos of each of the women, photos that include symbols of an essential spiritual essence that they hold. Em has gone shopping for supplies so she can create wands that reflect the unique and individual magic these women hold. 

In this commission of magic wands, I am so grateful for the opportunity for Em to be seen. To be recognized for the talented budding artist that she is, an amazing spirit of insight and wisdom. 

In our culture we greet each other with ‘hello’. What a different world it would be if we all greeted one another with the Sawubona intention to truly see each other and welcome a genuine connection.

I see you and by seeing you I bring you into being.

Judith – judith@stonefires.com