Sacred Sovereignty

January 5, 2022


I am a finger
pointing to the moon.
Don’t look at me;
look at the moon.


Magic wands help. Like other symbols and tools, they can be powerful affirmations for the power we hold. But they are only a reflection.

Sovereignty. Through history it’s a word that has accumulated huge baggage, laden with concepts of power over, authority, and dominance. Perhaps in response, the idea of popular sovereignty emerged, the belief that people can and should govern themselves. Still, it carries the connotation of a power struggle.

So let’s go back to a definition from the 14th century when apparently the word was first recorded, a definition that the dictionary now lists as obsolete. Supreme excellence or an example of it. It’s this definition that speaks to personal sovereignty. It’s this definition that invites us to consider our own sacred sovereignty. Of course there can be a struggle in this, but it’s about internal not external power. For me it holds the aspiration of manifesting my highest and best self as a sacred woman. Supreme excellence? Perhaps not. But living as an example would be wonderful.

Jane Brideson created an amazing deck of oracle cards. They are stunning. And the one that has most resonated for me is Sovereignty. I had mentioned to Jane that I was interested in purchasing the original if that were ever possible. She had actually planned to begin selling the originals at a gallery last summer. But with the pandemic, that didn’t happen. Then, last September when I was in Ireland and just before she and her husband, Mel, and I were meeting for lunch, she rang me to ask if I was still interested. She had decided to begin selling them individually and Sovereignty would be the first. If I would have it. I was thrilled. I thought briefly about bringing her back to MossTerra but Jane was clear she should remain in Ireland. Which is actually perfect because my sense of sacred sovereignty lives in the Irish landscapes and sacred sites. And now Sovereignty holds a place of power in the living room of HazelWood Cottage. As she should. Here is the piece along with the words Jane wrote about her.

I am
courage, power and inner strength,
flowering staff of freedom.
Your unbowed head,
your rock, your shield, your struggle.

I am
the sweet soil of independence
tilled by many hands,
the land which nourishes your roots.

I am
your tears shed for the brave,
your rainbow dreams,
your sovereign state
And your arms
which reach to the stars.

I am. Sovereignty. Sacred Sovereignty.

Judith –

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  1. Thank you so much Judith for sharing your wisdom…this post was particularly soul touching! Much love to you..

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