Oracle Offerings

January 21, 2022


When we step back from thinking about sacred communion as some kind of spiritual amazon next day delivery system, when we let go of the idea that sacred connection is about getting what we want, our relationship with the sacred shifts. And perhaps ironically, we become open to receiving what the universe would share with us. It’s rarely transactional. It always invites us to deeper listening. It always calls us to the stillpoint.

Oracles have been around throughout history. In classical antiquity they were the priests or priestesses acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods. Note: it’s advice and prophecy, not goods and services. To be in sacred communion, to be in a state of mediumship, they would often remove themselves from the community and structure their lives around connecting with the stillpoint to receive the wisdom.

The priest and priestess oracle tradition hasn’t survived well. But the desire for oracle offerings has not faded. In these times there are many ways to receive insights and reflections on what is happening in our lives. Pendulums and oracle cards are very popular. I don’t work with pendulums but I do have several sets of cards. My current favorite is the Wisdom of the Cailleach oracle set by Jane Brideson. The Sovereignty image I wrote about is from this deck.

Our beloved dog, Ema, is making her transition. We are of course beyond devastated. Yet she is taking her time with this. To get a sense of what she wants from us in this time, or wants us to know, I reached out to an animal intuitive we’ve worked with over the years and received this message from her connection with Ema. 

She is creating a totally bright and loving experience of crossing over for her humans to share. She wants it to be as joyous and glowing as possible, not sad and burdened with a decline in her health. She wants to show you how beautiful death can be. Ema reminded us that she is a teacher, and this is a teaching moment which she cherishes, and honors you with.

“Don’t worry; trust me like always,” she said. “Trust me now, and you’ll never grieve the way you imagined—it won’t be necessary at all.”

She’s happy. She’s doing this her way, and you will know that throughout.

There is a more powerful sacred connection between us. A new energy has landed and I can sense Ema’s response to it. While I was sitting with this message I drew one of Jane’s cards. It was Beloved. The clarity was stunning. As Jane writes in the booklet for the cards, this is about love, intimacy and acceptance. It’s about a close, supportive relationship of equals and a time of deep harmony with another.

So powerful. So perfect.

For me, this is the perfect oracle offering.

Judith –

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